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Stand up comedians dream of seeing themselves on television, hearing “From New York City, Comedy Central presents” or being a regular on Saturday night live. However, not all comics make it trough, and not all have huge audiences, a fan base and get to go to comedy festivals and be a part of the comedy circuit. If you want to know how to make it as a comic and have the best comedy shows out there, this article will tell you the secrets of stand up comedy and stand up comics.

Now, in order to make it to a comedy festival and comedy clubs, first you need enter the comedy circuit. This is done by countless open mic nights which bring you a steady audience and a fan base. However, you can only achieve this with good humor, great jokes and hard work.

You can develop your talents as a comic, and deliver great a great comedy show, but this means that you need to work on those jokes, learn what gets people laughing, and develop your own personal style that will make you a well loved funny comedian.

Let’s take it from the beginning: open mics. When you’re on a stage for the first time, and you have a live audience in front of you, you need act as a stand up comedian. Normally, you’ll be scared, but you need to push that away from you and give your fans a good time – you’re the comic, right? So, how can you do that? How can you act naturally and give the audience a great comedy show? Here are some tips you can use right away and that will help you tremendously while you’re performing and when you’re building your stand up comedy career.

Believe it or not, it involves you and a mirror. As you stand in front of the mirror look at yourself. Are you looking funny? Do you look like a celebrity? Can you make a joke about the way you look? Do you look like a fat Jesus? You can make fun: of your ethnicity, religion, mother, family, friends, first date, sexual experiences, your girlfriend, etc. Get your juices flowing and try to come up with at least 5 minutes of original jokes.

Once you done that, you’re ready to give a great comedy show to your audience. However, you will always need to work on new jokes. This is why every stand up comedian has a secret weapon: a pen and paper or a recording device that they carry with them all time. Why? Because you don’t know when inspiration hits you! You might be on the toilet, at the movies, in front of a window, et cetera. You need to be prepared. Be sure that you’ll forget your jokes before you get home and write them down. Buy a mobile with a recording function. This will help you tremendously writing new material and brushing your talent.

A good¬†comedy show¬†is all about humor, good jokes, big audiences and a good act. This will get you into comedy clubs, that comedy festival, and make you a part of the comedy circuit. If you’re lucky you’ll even get a special series featuring you on television – Saturday night live and Comedy central are not that far! You can do that, but you need to work for it. A stand up comedian must work and improve himself or herself, and this is done in time, keeping yourself informed, learning, and watching other stand up comedians. You can learn a lot from their act.

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