How to Appreciate Movies

Do you know how to appreciate movies? Why are you going to movies? Why are you watching movies in the first place?

Since the birth of cinematography, the movie industry has developed to an extent that no one would have even dreamed of 150 years ago. Yet audio-visual presentations have entirely changed our lives. From entertaining movies to the daily TV ad diet, the movie or TV screen has us glued to its message.

But how do you appreciate the message? Even if the message itself is not what you’re looking for, you can still appreciate how it comes across to you. When you understand and realize all the intricacies that go into creating an audio-visual presentation or a movie, you can see whether what you are being presented with was done with care and with you in mind or without any thoughts and doesn’t really deserve your attention.

You usually watch a movie for entertainment. You want to take a break from your daily grind and fly into another world. A world of dreams or minimally a world that will make you forget for a couple of hours the boring day to day activities that you’re clung to.

What’s better than being transported flying the air, climbing a mountain, diving a deep sea or sleeping lazily on a beach for two hours? It’s nice from time to time to believe you can simply dress in a Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde or be encapsulated in a lunar module on Apollo 13 for a moment. How two men in a room, as in the “King’s Speech”, can captivate an audience for a couple of hours?

What is it that makes the difference between a movie where you literally forget who you are and a movie that is boring to death and you leave before the end?

It all comes down to the minute details that capture every single one of your senses: feeling, touch, sight, sound, vibration, color, atmosphere, motion, etc. The screen will encroach deeply upon each of your organs right down to your guts and the blood in your vessels.

You’ll be feeling happy, sad, angry, hopeless, excited, etc. depending upon the action, the music, the colors, the speed. The combination is extreme and your enthrallment will rest on how well each art is applied.

The most amazing aspect is that this is done in harmony and with the participation of many, many artists who each cooperate with one another to bring about a spectacular presentation, a message that will have you glued to the screen.

There is a book where you can have a glimpse of each activity to make this come about: Dreaming of Hollywood – A Handbook for Moviegoers and Movie Lovers, by Amelie Couremer. It’s short and really a guide to a better understanding of what goes on to bring you these entertaining moments. Read and you’ll know how to appreciate movies.

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